Our Products

CAC’s finite element analysis system consists of state of the art Windows based CAEFEM analysis software and Lumino pre and post processor.

CAEFEM is a general purpose finite element analysis software developed for Windows from scratch in C/C++ languages.  Lumino is a finite element modeler and post processor which supports solid modeling based on ACIS and/or Parasolid engines.  Hence solid model geometry can be imported into Lumino for automatic mesh generation, application of loads and boundary conditions and for performing analysis.  CAEFEM is very closely integrated with Lumino.

Following is a brief list of important features of CAEFEM.  For more details on CAEFEM analyses, please visit CAEFEM Analysis page.

  • True Windows Application
  • Developed in C/C++ from scratch
  • Virtually unlimited problem size
  • Very fast execution speed
  • Dynamic Data Exchange interface with FEMAP for fast data transfer
  • Linear, nonlinear static, dynamic, and heat transfer analyses
  • Thermal stress calculation
  • Efficient solution schemes like Pre conditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Real time animation (deformed shape plot during the analysis)
  • Supported by hundreds of verification and NAFEMS benchmark problems