Thousand Oaks, CA (Jan 20, 2012)

Concurrent Analysis Corporation Announces the Launch of Lumino Modeler and CAEFEM 9.5

........Concurrent announced today the launch of Lumino, its new 3D modeler and pre- & post-processor engine, and, updates to its FEA solver suite CAEFEM, for low cost, fast and reliable simulation in computer aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) and virtual prototyping.

Thousand Oaks, CA (Jan 20, 2012) -Concurrent Analysis Corporation (CAC), a Southern California-based developer of CAE solutions, today announced the launch of its new product Lumino, the most versatile 3D model builder and pre- and post-processor for finite element analysis (FEA), and the revision to its CAEFEM suite of FEA solver products.
Jointly developed by CAC and Visual Design Automation, Lumino offers a complete solution for direct importing of CAD geometries (ACIS, SAT & Parasolids Kernels), native 2D & 3D model building and automatic meshing, powerful pre- & post-processing features and fully customizable menu for local language support. "What distinguishes Lumino from its competition is its speed for loading very large databases with tens of millions of degrees of freedom (DOF) and highly efficient management of available computing resources" said Dr. Rao Singampalli, the Founder and President of CAC. "Lumino exploits 64-bit file addressing to manage huge databases exceeding 2Gb in size while also supporting 3Gb of addressable memory for older 32bit-based operating systems. Further, the codes in Lumino have been written in highly modular state-of-the-art object-oriented environment using C/C++ and platform-independent strategies so that the user will not find any difference between Windows & Linux versions. Multiple model views and simultaneous animations of simulated behavior enable fast, what-if scenarios in virtual prototyping," he added.
CAEFEM developed by Concurrent Analysis, is the industry's first finite element solver to be written completely in C/C++ providing linear and nonlinear simulations of mechanical components for static, quasi-static and dynamic loads and heat transfer. CAC also provides interfaces to FEMAP and NASTRAN Bulk Data to make transition to CAEFEM/Lumino smooth and seamless. CAEFEM/Lumino solution supports modeling contact in 3D assemblies as well as 2D problems. API's for immediate new application support and interfaces to third-party tools make customizing and adding new features in CAEFEM/Lumino expedient.
CAEFEM Revision 9.5 includes significant improvements in managing resources so that the simulation problems sizes only limited by hardware resource limitations. Improvements and enhancements have been implemented in API for partners to access CAEFEM database. Support for very large problem sizes and processing of its input has been significantly improved.
"The highly accurate, fast, reliable & repeatable performance of CAEFEM/Lumino solution, together with its affordable pricing structure, makes it the most attractive CAE tool in the industry today. Further, API's facilitate integrating CAC's codes to MCAD, EDA, TCAD, ECAD and other CAE environments possible in the shortest development time" said Dr. MP Divakar, CAC's VP of Marketing & Strategy. "The speed and efficiency of CAEFEM solver enables design verification by real time simulation. Simply put, it is a great product with a great track record. We welcome any one to try our fully functional product for free up to 30 days and find out how it is superior to the competition in higher throughput to the user at a fraction of the cost" he added.

About Concurrent Analysis Corp

CAC is a developer of CAEFEM and Lumino suite of products for finite element analysis over nearly two decades. Founded in 1991, its flagship product CAEFEM has been received in the industry as one of the fastest, most reliable and highly accurate FEA solver at the lowest cost to the user. CAC serves a broad spectrum of vertical industries which include aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, cleantech, dental, electrical / electronics, industrial / manufacturing, medical, semiconductor and transportation. CAC's products have been installed in all geographical regions of the world and have received excellent user reviews.
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